色のない洋服店 / Under the Black Dress (PR Music Video)


Under the Black Dress (12min/Drama/2017/Japan)

Writer, Director, Editor: Toshimichi Saito

Executive Producer: EXILE HIRO

Creative Producer: Tetsuya Bessho

Producers: Taichi Nara, Daisuke Yoshizawa

Director of Photography: Michael E. Wood

Cast: Dream Ami (E-girls), Takeshi Kaga

Story: Only black clothing and only black food... A girl, Yui(Dream Ami), runs a tiny tailor in a world which has lost color. Only black clothing is allowed but she secretly makes colorful clothes in her hidden workroom. She encounters a mysterious drifting painter (Takeshi Kaga) who encourages her to show her true colors.

This film was produced as a part of the "CINEMA FIGHTERS" project by EXILE TRIBE & Short Shorts and has been released theatrically across Japan from January 26, 2018.